Transition time!

The weather is still trying to figure out what to do and so is my closet. I’m not quite ready to bust out the spring wardrobe but new pieces I’ve purchased with spring in mind, seem to be slowly making their debut. It’s a welcomed transition that gets me excited for the days ahead of more time at the park, outdoor dinners, and all the good stuff warm weather brings.

I want to show you how to take a casual day look and turn it easily into a quick night look. Like most people with kids, you have 5 minutes to get ready when the babysitter arrives. Check out how I did it in under 5 minutes without changing my entire outfit and be sure to shop the links to grab the earrings I’m wearing. They are a total game changer!

stepping out

Day look (click the links to shop): Free people vegan leather jacket (this is an old piece I’ve had for years but this jacket would be a great spring investment), AG denim legging jeans, Target vest (I love this option and this option), Artizia tunic blouse (old, but love this one) Frye fringed sneakers CLICK HERE AND BUY THESE! I promise you’ll love them, Michael Kors Sunglasses similar style here, Necklace from Perch Home, and earrings from Stella and Dot  be sure to grab these, you can wear them 4 different ways!!

spring will make ya, jump, jump!

right this way

color pop

close up stud

quick change

touch up

on a mission

hurry up and wait

in the details

earring additions

Night look: I added pieces to the earrings (told you these things were game changers!), touched up with a little gloss, took my hair down (the messy kinks left from the hair tie blend right in to the curling iron waves I had done earlier that morning), added a Totem bracelet from Stella and Dot that compliments the earrings perfectly, changed my shoes to these little delights by Paul Green (which are super comfortable after a long day on my feet and also come in taupe!), and grabbed a clutch to finish the look.

If I were being timed, it probably took me 3 minutes for this quick change!!! I’m typically late for everything (it’s always my New Years resolution), so being able to switch up a look quickly to maximize time at my final destination makes me want to try to create more day-to-night styles. Stay tuned for more and HAPPY SPRING!!!

All images captured by the wickedly talented, Danielle Guenther Photography

Not so black and white

It’s been a while since I posted, and the irony of sharing a black and white top with you all cracks me up because nothing in my life right now seems black and white.  We have since moved out of my favorite little square mile city, stayed in PA for the summer, and we’re about to embark on suburbia adventures in a new home. Stay tuned for many more posts, because not only is my favorite season for fashion coming up, but my clothing has been in storage for three months and I’m more than excited to unpack my wardrobe boxes.

outfit pic

quick look

My entire outfit minus the accessories happen to be from Zara. Click here for the jeans, click here for a similar style top, and click here for a similar shoe.

total eclipse

 My necklace is the Eclipse from Stella and Dot and makes a statement with any outfit. Click here to grab one for yourself!

ready to ride

This bag was from last season, but Anthropologie always has a great collection of clutches to choose from. Grab this one – it’s on sale! Makes a great statement for a date night, girls night out or even special occasion clutch.

accessories needed

I’ve worn this bracelet many times for SCF. It’s by Gerard Yosca, and one of my favorite pieces in my jewelry collection. Click here for a similar piece you might like!

done for the day

As always, thanks so much for stopping by and happy shopping! xo, Elana

ALL IMAGES by Danielle Guenther Photography